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Footage of Caen shared on YouTube

Portsmouth and Caen Twinning Association

Portsmouth Hampshire, UK - Caen Normandie, France

A video shot in Southsea in 2017, by a local filmmaker and shared on YouTube

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Portsmouth and Caen were first linked in 1987 

The Caen-Portsmouth Friendship Committee

The Portsmouth-Caen Twinning Association is officially known as the Caen Portsmouth Friendship Committee. It now forms part of the Portsmouth European Cities Twinning Committee ECTC

We are now volunteers, who work to promote greater understanding between the residents of Caen and Portsmouth, through shared cultural events and links.

We receive no direct funding from Portsmouth City Council as such, we are reliant on charitable donations and fund-raising to support the projects we run and support.

Please see our news blog for further details of our events and activities.

You may also follow us on Facebook and on Twitter

The Caen-Portsmouth Legacy Group

Nearly thirty years ago Portsmouth in England, and Caen in France, decided to twin themselves in order to promote friendship and cooperation between the people and administrations of the two cities. 


The Council Leader, Ian Gibson, and the City Solicitor, Ron Tweed, were prime movers on the English side, and the Mayor of Caen, M. Le Loup, was a firm enthusiast and organiser.  Some 20 English people from Portsmouth and the environs were paired with a similar number from Caen, and so began an arrangement whereby on one weekend per year the French hosts received the English guests into their homes for a visit, and the next year the Portsmouth people returned the hospitality.

There was also cooperation whereby each town participated in Festivals and Activities organised by the Councils of their twinned cities.  Unfortunately, financial cut-backs, and the retirement of the original champions of the arrangement constrained the activities on a Municipal level.  However, the visits between the members of the twinned hosts and guests continued, and organised weekends still continue each year.

Happily, there has been a recent resurgence of the official Caen-Portsmouth link with the involvement of consecutive Mayors and a committee on the English side, and the Caen twinning office for the French.  This has resulted in reciprocal sporting events, theatre performances, and international festival participations.  Many young and older people have enjoyed these occasions.

Contributed by Graham Hewitt June 2016.

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These companies/ organisations generously donated their time, space or prizes for our fund raising events since January 2018. Here is a Portsmouth News Article from 2018.

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We are very proud that these organisations support the Portsmouth and Caen twinning link - Simply click on their logos to be taken to their websites.

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