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The Caen Peace Monument

Next to Portsmouth's wonderful D-Day Story Museum is the renewed Caen Peace Garden.

In May 2018 an olive tree was planted to begin this relocated garden, by the then Lord Mayor of Portsmouth and a Caen City Councillor.

During the D-day 75 commemorations, there was a soldier statue here. Now, designed with the help of the city of Caen this monument to peace in French, German and English with representations of poppies, forget me nots and a dove of peace has been installed. (It was going to be made by apprentices in Duisburg, but Covid saw to that)

This will (hopefully) be officially inaugurated on World Peace Day September 21st 2021. Until then here a few images taken recently.

Despite being planted in England, the olive Tree planted by Lord Mayor of Portsmouth 2018-2019 Lee M Mason and Caen City Councillor Pascal Pimont is doing well.

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