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The European Cities Twinning Committee

On July 11th 2018, the Caen-Portsmouth and the Duisburg-Portsmouth Friendship Committees were merged together. A simple url to this page is

Now known as the (Portsmouth) European Cities Twinning Committee. The committee is staffed entirely by volunteers who work together to promote and help our city, the city of Portsmouth with its current links in Europe Caen (since 1987) and Duisburg (since 1950).

So who is on the committee?

I am the chair of the new committee (having been chair of the Caen-Portsmouth Friendship Committee beforehand)

You may contact me by e-mail here or here.

I am a freelance translator, interpreter, languages tutor and multilingual tour guide.

This is a list of the current committee.

We currently have no vacancies on the committee, however there are many ways in which you can be involved in twinning in Portsmouth. Among these is by joining our Friends of Portsmouth Twinning (FOPT) group - more information here

Why not come and find the chair and other members at the many events in and around the city, if you are at all interested, for a chat.

The committee was recreated at its AGM on July 14th 2021. Those members who were present, were appointed by Portsmouth City Council or had sent apologies to the chair. Others who had not sent apologies for this meeting are considered to have left the committee.

Full Committee Members ECTC

Andrew Starr - Chair

Cllr Tom Coles - President (Lord Mayor)

Cllr Steve Pitt - Council Leader and Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Economic Development (Liberal Democrats)

Cllr Asghar Shah - (Labour)

Claire Looney - Council Officer Events and Twinning Manager

Carol Clark - Events and International Liaison- PCC

Ann Brazier - Social Secretary

Lynda Parsons - Committee Member (Caen Legacy Group)

Ken Ebbens - Southsea Castle Rotary Club

Lee Mason - Former Portsmouth City Councillor

Tom Wood - Former Portsmouth City Councillor

Other Full Committee Members

Christopher Jones - Brittany Ferries

Paul Joyce - University of Portsmouth (German)

Sabréa Oughton - University of Portsmouth (French)

Jacqueline Priego - Associate Dean, University of Portsmouth

Honorary Members:

These people may be in attendance at some of our events and are great supporters of us:

Syd Rapson - Honorary Alderman; Former Lord Mayor and Former MP for Portsmouth North (Vice President)

Phyllis Rapson - former Duisburg Committee Member (Duisburg Legacy Group)

Claudine Cerisier - Présidente du comité de jumelage Caen-Portsmouth

Karin Reiche - Portsmouth Freunden Chair (Duisburg)

Nicolas Boblin - Caen City Council International Liaison

Cécile Cottenceau - Caen City Council Deputy Mayor in charge of International Relations

Lydia Steinhauer - Duisburg City Council

Heike Maus - Duisburg City Council

Andrew Todd (Portsmouth City Council) Honorary Treasurer

Terry Hall - Honorary Alderman; Former Lord Mayor

Jean Barrow - former Caen Committee member

Susan Hopgood - former Caen Committee Member

Partner Associations and People

Thanks are due to these organisations or people who generously support (or have supported) us with their time and help during our twinning activities:

Joël Bruneau - Mayor of Caen

Sören Link - Mayor of Duisburg

The staff at - Brittany Ferries

The staff at - The New Theatre Royal

Brian Moles and Father Bob - St Mary's Church

Karen Barnett - Singer

Amba Tremain - Singer

The University of Portsmouth International Outreach and the School of Languages and Applied Lingusitics

See a selection of my videos on YouTube of current and former supporting artist's performances at our events


The Fine Voice Academy

Veni, Vidi, Canto

Miss Becki Short

Karen Barnett

Simon Long

and many more... click >>> here

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