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Mayor Making 2020

Normally today would have been a big event for twinning in Portsmouth. The Mayor Making Ceremony normally takes place at Portsmouth Guildhall and is a big spectacle of a show, with guests from all over, including Caen and Duisburg.

For our main landing page for all things twinning related please go here :

During the lockdown twinning is still happening online...

Go here for our cultural thoughts

Go here for our musical page.

This year Mayor Making was undertaken virtually and it was streamed live. << This Link was for the live stream. It should still be there for anyone who is interested. You can watch in a browser and you can watch anonymously.

Cllr. Rob Wood has been made Lord Mayor of Portsmouth with his wife as Lady Mayoress. The Deputy Lord Mayor is twice former Lord Mayor Cllr. Frank Jonas and the Deputy Lady Mayoress is his sister.

Congratulations to both. I have been alongside Cllr. Jonas for many twinning related events, here in Portsmouth and also in Caen.

Cllr. Wood made a statement regarding twinning with Duisburg, Caen and other cities in his acceptance speech. Stating that he looks to promote and strengthen the links we have and in particular that we will mark this year's 70th anniversary of twinning with Duisburg in both cities next year once we are clear of the current situation.

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