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The Victorious Festival

I was there on behalf of Portsmouth Ambassadors and Shaping Portsmouth to promote the Portsmouth Ambassadors Scheme at Victorious.

Whilst there I did manage to see one of the acts from Caen and thought that they were really pretty good. (Considering I am very much on the wrong side of 40!)

Here are a few pictures I took of 'The Slaughterhouse Brothers' the act from Caen I did manage to see. I missed 'Shake the Ronin' earlier on the Sunday and also was not there on Saturday when 'The Goaties' played...

Images of the Slaughterhouse Brothers set, on Sunday 27th August

Here are some screen grabs of their Facebook Page, including my interaction with them - Why not give them a like and follow them on Facebook?...

I also had a little interaction with 'Shake The Ronin' who unfortunately I missed. Here are some screen grabs from their Facebook page including a wonderful advert for twinning between Portsmouth and Caen.

Tho other act 'The Goaties' I did not get to see, but a friend of mine met them at the beach on Saturday evening and they gave her a free copy of their CD - I will have to see if I can get a loan...

And finally...

Here are some general images of the Victorious Festival from the Friday and Sunday - The weather was excellent and this event is an excellent showcase for Portsmouth.

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