• Andrew Starr

Day Trip to Caen - Coming In 2018

We're planning a day trip to Caen on a Saturday in 2018, most likely between April and June.

We would like anyone interested in joining us on a visit to Caen to register their interest with us, by filling out this form. The form can then be sent as an attachment by e-mail here.

Once we have enough interested parties, we will contact you via e-mail to make further arrangements and sort out payment through our partner agency.

As the pound is currently so weak, and in order to keep the costs as low as possible, we have enlisted the help of a small independent travel agency in Normandy.

This travel agency organises unusual and hard to find trips in Normandy further details of the agency can be found here.

Alternatively in the original French here.

The full terms and conditions in English can be read here.

One of our committee members is working with this agency to write new and future content for their website in English, we are fortunate therefore to be able to offer this trip via their agency.

The draft itinerary, along with much more detail about the trip, all of which is subject to change according to both weather and time restrictions can be downloaded here.

An example flyer is included below...

E-mail us to register your interest.

In English by clicking here

En français cliquez ici

*The advertised price of £99 works out at approximately €115 - assuming an exchange rate of £1 = €1.16. By registering on the website via e-mail you will be assuring a place with the agency. The agency will then contact you directly with payment details and the correct price once we are sure there are enough people to make the trip viable. This will hopefully be quoted in £ sterling. However if this is not possible, the price you pay will be as near to £99 per person as possible - options of cabins etc. will be applied in the same way. The agency has to pay for the cabins we occupy, whether full of not. We believe a charge of £15 - £20 per person, per crossing, is likely, but it will be no more than £25.

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